Study notes


Current topics to be working on

Current plan:

Read all of the SH handbook

Re-read all of the SH handbook

Do notes on computer (TAKE HOME NOTES ONLY, not meant to be exhausive)

Draw diagrams in the book

Read the big Stoelting

Also need to do

Read Pack and Hill

Make cards


Go through syllabus

Topics in near future

Topics to be done... eventually

Other notes


Step 1: Read all the necessary texts. Quick review after reading them.

Step 2: Review the texts quickly.

Step 3: Make notes at any time, but small topics only.


Notation used


Pictures used

  1. Pix - scan in PNG at 300dpi, BW
  2. Convert to jpg, then resize to 750 width (use XnView, in 2 steps)
  3. Save the original png and the final resize
  4. Resized version used in these notes
  5. Original for archive

2 types of scanned pictures

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